Jersey City's Jeraco Rivers Writes "Andreas, The Boy Who Imagines"

Jul 12, 2019

Media Fellow Marcellis Counts (left) enjoys the company of author and songwriters Jeraco Rivers (right) and Rivers young son in the halls of WBGO
Credit Doug Doyle for WBGO

Andreas, The Boy Who Imagines is a new children's book that teaches youth how to dream again without needing technology.

It’s the first published work of Jersey City author and songwriter Jeraco Rivers. Rivers says his two-year old son sparked his desire to write “Andreas the Boy Who Imagines”.  In the book,  a youngster uses a special gift to help his single mother get through some difficult times.

Rivers recently sat down with WBGO Media Fellow Marcellis Counts to talk about his message.

"I felt like technology took over our kids.  So this book is me giving them their imagination back.  When I was coming up, we played, we made up games.  It had no money involved with it.  We'd go outside if the water was on from the fire hydrant and we had Icees earlier and water is coming down the side of the curb we'd race the Icee sticks.  It was the creativity of the mind.  So the whole mission of this book is to give kids their imagination back."

"Andreas, The Boy Who Imagines" is the first published book by Jersey City's Jeraco Rivers
Credit Jeraco Rivers

In Andreas, The Boy Who Imagines, the main character, a seven year old boy, doesn't deal with technology, Andreas deals with his mind.

"Everything he speaks comes to existence. The Sun is his best friend. Whenever he comes across anybody with problems, he talks to the Sun about it, because his mother doesn't know about his gift."

Andreas, The Boy Who Imagines is published by Possibilitea Publishing and is available at

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