The Hot Sardines Deliver Some Swing, and Plenty of Joie de Vivre, on Singers Unlimited

May 26, 2019

The Hot Sardines play jazz, for want of a better word. Hiply swinging songs and sounds, from Fats Waller to Ray Charles and beyond. Not that they're "retro" about it. Whatever they play is musically happening (and lots of fun) right now. 

Welcome Home, Bon Voyage is a new album of concert highlights, including songs live at Joe's Pub, the downtown bistro that's been a home for the group for a decade.

They're there again this Sunday evening — but first they'll all come to play and laugh with me at WBGO. Elizabeth Bougerol sings and leads the band with pianist Evan Palazzo and others, on Singers Unlimited.

Here is the band peforming "Some of These Days" in the WBGO performance studio.

The Hot Sardines: Elizabeth Bougerol, vocals; Evan Palazzo, piano and bandleader; A.C. Lincoln, tap dance; Ben Goldernovik, clarinet; Paul Brandenburg, trumpet; Todd Londagin, trombone; Adam Kubota, bass; David Berger, drums.

Chris Tobin, Sarah Kerson, Isaiah McClain - videography

Corey Goldberg - audio mix and video edit