Hispanice Heritage Month Celebrations Won't Include Large Gatherings

Sep 15, 2020

NJ Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations will mostly be online
Credit ucnj

 Today (Tuesday)  begins a month of celebrating New Jerseyans with Hispanic or Latino roots.

It's the latest observance that will be different in 2020.

As Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off in New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy says the COVID-19 Pandemic will make the celebration not as vibrant as in years past.

"Across New Jersey Hispanic Heritage Month is one of our most colorful and meaningful celebrations and so much else this year we will have to celebrate a little differently."

Murphy says specifically there WON'T be a gathering of the state's Hispanic leaders at the governor's mansion. He says however people across the state will celebrate the contributions of Latino residents who make up in his words "The tapestry of the people of New Jersey."