Heat Wave Causing Problems

Jul 3, 2018

The heat wave is taking a toll.

Dr. Brad Pulver is the medical director of the emergency department at Ocean Medical Center in Brick Township. He says the hot weather is causing lots of cases of dehydration that develop into heat exhaustion and even heat stroke.

“When you go out you must wear sun block and reapply it. You have to drink lots of fluids and stay well hydrated. And pay attention to how you’re feeling and at the first hint that you’re just not perfectly well, you got to get out of that sun.”

Dr. Pulver says there are some warning signs to heed.

“You’re already getting into trouble if you’re starting to feel nausea and very thirsty and then weak and lightheaded. Those of some of the initial symptoms and that means that dehydration, heat exhaustion, is already progressing.”

If drinking lots of fluids doesn’t provide relief and you start feeling confused or have other worsening symptoms, Dr. Pulver says you should go to the emergency room for treatment.

He says the best way to avoid problems during the hot weather is to modify your behavior by limiting exposure to the sun and avoiding strenuous activities.