Hear Pianist George Burton and His Group Achieve 'Reciprocity' on Afternoon Jazz

Feb 11, 2020

George Burton’s concept for Reciprocity is one of honest and intentional give and take — a fluid exchange of musical ideas that create a positive, energy-shifting vibe.

As I listened to the crystal-clear vocals of Alexa Barchini meld with Tim Warfield’s soprano saxophone during this Afternoon Jazz session, any anxious feelings I’d been harboring instantly fell away.

Burton is a pianist and composer from Philadelphia, where he has been an anchor of the scene for the last two decades. He released his debut album, The Truth of What I Am > The Narcissist, just a few years ago, to critical acclaim.

The goal for Reciprocity, which is due out on Feb. 21, is to release himself from the constraints that exist on all fronts: musically, personally, or otherwise. We talked about how he’d been influenced by veteran pianists on the Philly scene, like Sid Simmons and Shirley Scott. And he explained how paying homage to those who had come before him allows him to perpetuate and shape the music in his own unique way.

Reciprocity also has a captivating visual component, with stop-motion animation by Sigmund Washington, that accompanies the music. Burton plans to incorporate this into his album-release concerts, including one at Blues Alley in Washington, D.C. on March 10 and one at Scullers Jazz Club in Boston on March 13. 

Watch the George Burton Group perform "Finding" in our performance studio:


George Burton - Piano

Tim Warfield - Soprano Sax

Alexa Barchini - Vocals

Pablo Menares - Bass

Nazir Ebo - Drums