Hear 'Lights On,' A Live Album by Guitarist Larry Carlton and the SWR Big Band, on Radar

Sep 1, 2017

With roots firmly in jazz and blues, tinged with a pop sensibility,  guitarist Larry Carlton has appeared on hundreds of recordings. In addition to his own, he has added just the right touch to the recorded works of Steely Dan, Bobby Bland, The Crusaders and Quincy Jones, in addition to the multi-platinum jazz group Fourplay. On Lights On, Carlton's six strings meet up with Europe's SWR Big Band for a live date full of originals, some Miles, Steely Dan and more.

Larry is in top shape throughout, his sound seemingly custom-made for the SWR's charts, and vice-versa.

Track Listing
1) Mellow Out
2) Milestones
3) Kid Charlamagne
4) Finnn
5) Too Young To Go Steady
6) My Favorite Things
7) Room 335
8) Friday Night Shuffle
9) The Well's Gone Dry
Bonus Track) Black Friday