GSP's "Trying" Is More Relevant Than Ever

Mar 23, 2018

Carly Zien and Philip Goodwin are getting rave reviews for their performances in "Trying" at the GSP
Credit George Street Playhouse

Philip Goodwin and Carly Zien star in George Street Playhouse's latest production Trying, based on playwright Joanna McClelland Glass' real life experience as Judge Francis Biddle's secretary.

Goodwin and Zien sat down recently with WBGO News Director Doug Doyle to talk about the play and their careers.  Goodwin plays Judge Biddle and Zien plays Sarah, Biddle's young new secretary.

Internationally known Francis Biddle, Chief Judge of the Nuremberg trials, opponent of the Japanese internment camps during World War II, and Attorney General under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, is 81 years old, elegant, sharply cantankerous, and trying to put his life in order. When a young, new secretary is hired, the two struggle to communicate but come to understand how two strangers at very different places in their lives can unexpectedly and forever influence each other.

WBGO News Director Doug Doyle welcomes Carly Zien and Philip Goodwin to the studios to talk about GSP's "Trying"
Credit Rick Engler for WBGO

Goodwin is enjoying his role as Biddle, saying people show know about the Judge's contributions just as much as Alexander Hamilton.

Zien says at first she didn't know if she wanted to play the role of secretary until she realized that her character Sarah eventually shows her strength in the play. 

Both Zien and Goodwin are excited about working on stage with each and praised director Jim Jack's work on this particular production of Trying.

The George Street Playhouse is temporarily located at 103 College Farm Road in New Brunswick.

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