Greg Spero, A Pianist with Jazz Chops and a Pop Profile, Brings Spirit Fingers to Morning Jazz

Mar 20, 2018

Growing up in Chicago, pianist Greg Spero knew by the fifth grade that he wanted to make music his life. Encouraged by his piano-playing father, he would eventually team up with Miles Davis keyboardist Robert Irving III; work with the Buddy Rich Big Band; morph the music of Miles with Radiohead; and tour the world with electro-pop artist Halsey.

Spero’s polyrhythmic approach is apparent on his new album, Spirit Fingers. He and his group recently stopped by Morning Jazz to perform and chat about his new music and how he shapes his creations.

Watch Spirit Fingers perform Spero's composition "Inside," in our performance studio.  

Audio mix and video edit: Corey Goldberg  Videography: Chris Tobin