Governor Murphy: Large Indoor Parties Must Stop!

Jul 30, 2020

Governor Phil Murphy wants indoor house parties to stop

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, once again, implored young people to not gather for large parties. especially inside.  

"Having that notion." I get it; we get it. We've all had our routines turned upside down for the past four months and we want to blow off some steam with friends. I can't fault -- none of us can fault anyone for having that notion" 

At the same time, Governor Murphy says crowded house parties just can't happen right now.  

"Around more efficiently." They are not safe, period. They are how coronavirus gets passed around more efficiently."

The renewed concern comes after some infections were traced back to a number of house parties including a series of them in Middletown.

"These several house parties - to more than more than 50 new - five-zero - new positive cases of coronavirus in attendees. And the age range is now between 14 and 19".

Officials also pointed to a graduation party in Cape May County at the end of June that resulted in 46 COVID cases between New Jersey and Pennsylvania residents who attended. They're asking people not to gather in large numbers and especially inside. Health Officials suggest smaller outdoor gatherings, provide hand sanitizer and limit who handles the food.