Governor Cuomo: Social Distancing is Helping Hospitals

Mar 25, 2020

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

The number of known coronavirus cases in New York State now tops 30-thousand as of Wednesday, with the majority of them in New York City.

However, Governor Cuomo says while the numbers statewide continue to go up, he thinks social distancing measures have made it easier on hospitals.

“No non-essential workers. Yes, they are burdensome. By the way, they are effective and necessary and the evidence suggests at this point they have slowed the hospitalizations.”

Cuomo thinks the measures put in place in the New Rochelle area, which had the first cluster of coronavirus cases in the state is paying off.

“Westchester, we have dramatically slowed what was an exponential increase.”

Meanwhile, Cuomo is trying to get President Trump to send him more ventilators.

“As soon as we get passed our critical moment, we will redeploy that equipment and personnel to the next hot spot”

The state is setting up a mental health hotline for folks struggling mentally with the coronavirus and disruptions.