Governor Cuomo To Open Up More Coronavirus Testing Sites

Mar 17, 2020

Governor Cuomo has the latest stats on coronavirus testing in New York State
Credit NY Governor's Office

There are 1,374 confirmed coronavirus cases in New York State as of Tuesday. Roughly half are in New York City. The hospitalization rate is about 19 percent in the state.

Governor Cuomo thinks the virus could peak around 45 days but warns the hospital system is in danger of being overwhelmed with patients.

“We’re examining the entire hospital system. What is the maximum capacity per hospital. If Department of Health waives their space rules.”

The state is looking into building temporary hospital facilities and recruiting from nursing schools to beef up hospital staff. Cuomo says more restrictions and closures could be put in place at some point because he says the spread must be slowed down.

“My judgement is do whatever is necessary to contain this virus and then we will manage the consequences afterwards.”

Cuomo is opening up more drive through coronavirus testing mobile sites. They will be on Long Island and Staten Island. He says testing is going well. He says the state legislature is expected to okay a paid leave bill to help those out of work because of the virus.