Environmentalists Expect NJ To Rejoin RGGI By 2020

Dec 5, 2018

Credit environmentamerica.org

Governor Phil Murphy says he’s ready to bolster the state’s commitment to clean energy and rejoin the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.  RGGI Board of Directors Secretary Ben Grumbles says their working with state environmental officials to put policies in place to have New Jersey rejoin the initiative by the year 2020.

Doug O’ Malley with Environment New Jersey says it’s critical to maximize clean energy investments through RGGI.

“By adopting the strongest possible carbon emissions cap.  So that we are not only reducing our emissions at the source from fossil fuel power plants, but also investing as much revenue as possible into clean renewable energy solutions,” O’ Malley said.  “Unfortunately, New Jersey has missed out on these RGGI clean energy investments for a majority of this decade.  That’s why it’s critical that New Jersey rejoins the RGGI program with gusto with a strong carbon emissions cap that will maximize clean energy investments in the state.”

Former Governor Chris Christie withdrew New Jersey from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in 2011.