Ebb and Flow with Pianist Gerald Clayton, on The Checkout

Feb 14, 2018

Gerald Clayton's recent recording Tributary Tales isn't an album of tributes, but rather one inspired by rivers. The metaphor also works for this pianist in the natural flow of his life: the way he streams from one musical situation to another, whether it's with saxophonist Charles Lloyd, guitarist John Scofield or his own ensemble.

On this edition of My Music, Clayton guides us on a journey over several compositions on his Motéma release: an uplifting ramble about his days playing with his dad (John, a bassist) and uncle (Jeff, a saxophonist) in the Clayton-Hamilton Orchestra; a love fantasy with poetry by Carl Hancock Rux and Aja Monet; and a musical vision for a better future.

The Gerald Clayton Quartet, featuring guest vibraphonist Joel Ross, performs at Jazz Standard this Thursday and Friday.

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Production assistance: Anthony Nieves