Despite Ongoing Protests, NYC Still Set To Open on Monday, June 8

Jun 3, 2020

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio delivers daily briefing.

New York City continues coronavirus related preparations for phase one of reopening which is still on track for Monday. Whether protesting or just out and about, Mayor Bill de Blasio wants folk off the streets.  

“I want people to stay home to the maximum extent possible. I want people to practice social distancing very very consistently.”

He says the MTA is working hard in getting the subway and buses as safe as possible.

“It is crucial that every other seat be blocked off so that it’s clear you never end up sitting right next to someone.” 

He wants commuters to use hand sanitizers in the subway stations. There will be free face coverings given out. There will be capacity limits and markers on subway trains and platforms to show where people should stand to space out. 

Meanwhile vehicle restrictions will continue in Manhattan in an effort to control recent mayhem.   Mayor de Blasio says a shift in strategy Tuesday for dealing with violence and looting for the most part was effective. He says restricting vehicles south of 96 street with a few exceptions will likely be in place the entire week as well as the the eight p.m to five a.m. curfew.

“Anyone who is out after the curfew and cannot prove that they are there for essential work reasons is subject to being detained.  Uh, we are going to follow through on those rules.”

Meanwhile, the mayor visited Bronx stores that were smashed up and looted Monday.

“So this is a setback but it’s not anything that will change the heart and soul of the people of the Bronx or the people of this city”