De Blasio Warns Of Layoffs If GOP Stimulus Bill Passes As Is

Jul 28, 2020

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio delivers daily briefing

 New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio warns there could be layoffs soon if Republicans get their way with the next stimulus bill.  He calls the senate bill a nonstarter.  The Senate bill does not allocate money for states hit hard by coronavirus.  Mayor de Blasio says healthcare workers, teachers and first responders don’t know if they will be out of a job.

“The very people who fought through this crisis and saved us don’t know what the future looks like.  Not only here but all over the country and there is no new revenue coming. So, unless this stimulus happens in Washington on the level we need it to we won’t be able to save the jobs that deserve to be saved.  We won’t be able to restart our economy.”

Republicans have said they don’t feel its right to bail out states poorly managed financially.