De Blasio Urging Congress To Pass Latest Stimulus Package

May 13, 2020

Mayor Bill De Blasio delivers daily coronavirus briefing

Mayor Bill de Blasio says Congress needs to pass a three trillion dollar coronavirus stimulus package that would provide major financial relief to New York City.

Mayor de Blasio calls the stimulus package the game changer we need.   17 billion in aid would be set aside for the Big Apple, including money for public transit, housing and hazard pay for essential workers.

“There is literally no such thing as a city that could possibly stand up against a pandemic alone.”   

House Democrats are pushing this stimulus package but it does not appear to have support by Republicans in the GOP Controlled senate.

“Understand the fight that is happening here. Come to the aid of New York City.”

New York City is launching a digital ad campaign to alert parents about a new serious condition in children possibly linked to coronavirus.  The number of cases is growing.  Mayor de Blasio says there are now more than 80 case of this pediatric inflammatory syndrome in the city. 53 of children have tested positive for coronavirus or antibodies.

“Our healthcare professionals are learning about this syndrome as quickly as they can.  There are still unanswered questions.  We don’t know what makes kids specifically susceptible.  Why some kids and not others.”

But the mayor says health experts say treatment is effective if diagnosed early …so he’s launching a public awareness campaign targeting parents, urging them to get help immediately if children have symptoms of a persistent fever, rash or ab pain.