De Blasio Urges Protesters To get Tested For COVID-19 As City Set To Reopen Monday

Jun 5, 2020

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio delivers daily coronavirus briefing

Mayor Bill de Blasio is urging all New Yorkers, especially protesters to get tested for coronavirus.

Throngs of people have been seen packed together protesting the police custody death of George Floyd  in the recent week or so and many were not wearing face coverings.

“If you have been at one of these protests, I want to strongly urge you to get tested.  It has been a real concern that people have gathered in close proximity.”

de Blasio says the city now has enough testing capacity where he’s urging every New Yorker to get tested.

“Go take advantage of it.  It will help us to move forward."

Tests are free. Go to the City’s website or 3-11 for more information.

Meanwhile, construction will be a big part of phase one of reopening of New York City Monday with coronavirus related protocols in place.  Mayor de Blasio says more than 32-thousand nonessential construction sites are eligible for work to carry on.

“And we are going to protect every single worker.  Department of Buildings will be out inspecting the sites, constantly, every single one making sure there is social distancing, proper hygiene rules, hand sanitizer, face coverings, you name it.”

The mayor says for the first 30 days, it will be an education campaign.  After that a stop work order and thousands of dollars in fines may issued for non- compliance