De Blasio Strikes A Deal With Teachers Union Delays NYC School Openings

Sep 1, 2020

NYC Mayor Bill De Blssio announces delayed schools opening amid deal with teachers union

There's a deal between the de Blasio administration and New York City teachers union that delays the start of the school year.  

The start date was the middle of next week but now Remote instruction will begin September 16thand students will report to school buildings September 21st. Mayor de Blasio says teachers will go in on the 8th to prepare for all the coronavirus protocol.

“What we have agreed to is to make sure that the health measures are in place, to make sure there is time for the appropriate preparation for our educators.”

The teachers union was demanding mandatory coronavirus testing. Mayor de Blasio says every school will have testing every month. Teacher union President Michael Mulgrew is pleased.

“We have our independent medical experts have stamped this plan.”