De Blasio Launches Widescale Testing For NYC Nursing Homes Hard Hit By COVID-19

May 20, 2020

NYC mayor Bill De Blasio delivers his daily coronavirus briefing

New York City is making a big effort to protect the elderly in nursing homes which have been hard hit with coronavirus. Mayor Bill de Blasio says the city will fulfill all nursing home staff requests by the end of the next week.  The city will also offer regular testing to nursing homes.

“Whatever amount of tests they need, whatever amount of lab capacity they need, we will find it for them.”

de Blasio says the city has also formed outbreak teams to be sent to nursing homes to slow the spread. 

“We want to go right at it.  We want to act immediately.”

Thousands have died from coronavirus in nursing homes in the state with many of the deaths occurring in New York City.  

Meanwhile, there’s a huge drop in children vaccinations in New York City because of coronavirus. Vaccinations are down 63 percent in a recent six week period compared to the same time frame last year.  Mayor de Blasio calls this shocking and troubling. The mayor thinks it’s a combination of families staying home and some doctors’ offices closed because of coronavirus

“Getting your child vaccinated is essential work.  Getting your child vaccinated is a reason to leave your home.  And whatever it takes to get your child to that vaccination, it’s worth it.”

What’s considered essential vaccinations are being offered for free at one –thousand sites across the city.