De Blasio Joins Chorus of Local Officials Calling For President Trump's Ouster

Jan 7, 2021

NYC mayor Bill De Blasio calls for President Donal Trump to be removed from office following Wednesday's riots at the U.S. Capitol

  New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is joining others in calling for President Trump’s removal from office after yesterday’s deadly chaos at the Capitol building.   

De Blasio says he’s watched the systematic building of a racist nationalist movement by President Trump.  He blames Trump for as he puts it inciting a mob to do violence against our democratic institution.

“That is sedition.  That is treason.  He shouldn’t be President anymore.  He is a dangerous man.”

The mayor is also furious that there wasn’t much heavier security at the Capitol building.

“Security officials made that decision.  Who are those people.  They need to come forward and answer for what they did.  My fear is they did it on purpose.”