De Blasio Further Limits Access To City Parks As NYPD Rolls Back Face Covering Enforcement

May 15, 2020

File Photo NYC's Central park
Credit Wikimedia

As the weather warms up New York City is further limiting access to parks.  Last weekend, there were limits to the number of people in part of Hudson River and Domino Park and now mayor de Blasio is doing the same for Sheep Meadow in Central Park.

“We’ve definitely seen some places where overcrowding started to happen. We don’t want that to happen.”

The city is also putting more of what the mayor calls social distancing ambassadors on the streets.

“You’ll also see the beaches, which of course are not open enhanced patrols.”

Meanwhile, the mayor says officers will no longer arrest people who are not wearing face coverings following a video of officers getting into a scuffle with a woman who refused to wear a face covering properly.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is putting together a plan to try and keep New Yorkers cool this summer while keeping coronavirus restrictions in mind.  The mayor calls this the COVID heat wave plan. He says The city is spending 55-million-dollars to buy air conditioning units for low income senior citizens living in subsidized housing.

“So we’ll identify those who need help the most.  We’ll reach out to them confirm an air conditioner makes sense for them and then we’ll begin installations.  Those installations will start next week. “

The mayor plans use larger places like auditoriums and sports venues as cooling centers so folks can maintain social distancing and the city will create misting oases and spray showers for children in low income communities.