De Blasio Condemns Controversial NYPD Protest Arrest

Jul 29, 2020

Video of incident at a Manhattan protest on July 28, 2020
Credit Twitter/Naddleez

Mayor Bill de Blasio is condemning the tactics the NYPD used while arresting a protester.  

Video shows plainclothes NYPD officers arresting a protester in the middle of a demonstration and quickly putting the person in an unmarked van Tuesday night.  

Mayor de Blasio says the incident triggers a comparison to Portland where federal agents have been rounding up protesters in a similar way.

“So anything that even slightly suggests that is to me troubling and is the kind of thing we don’t want to see in this city.”

The mayor says the person was wanted for damaging police property.

“The wrong time and the wrong place to affectionate that arrest.”

He does not blame the warrant officers but says he’ll have a discussion with the police commissioner about it.