Cuomo Unveils Mother Cabrini Statue As Part Of Columbus Day Observances

Oct 12, 2020

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo unveils Statue of Mother Cabrini in Battery Park.

  An Italian American nun who made significant contributions to New York City is being honored on this Columbus Day.   

Mother Cabrini helped develop schools, hospitals and orphanages in the late 1800's and early 1900's. The governor along with the Chairman of the Columbus Day Celebration Angelo Vivolo unveiled a statue of mother Cabrini in Battery Park.

“Mother Cabrini is a revered figure in New York and in the Italian community worldwide.  If ever someone deserved a monument it is this woman of faith and love.”

Mayor de Blasio’s wife faced criticism for not including Cabrini in a list of famous women statues despite Cabrini getting the most votes in a poll.