Cuomo Signs Equal Pay Bill Ahead of Women's World Cup Parade in NYC

Jul 10, 2019

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Signs Equal Pay legislation in New York City.
Credit Alexandra Hill / News

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says that there is "no rationale" as to why the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team members are paid less than men. Cuomo made the comments ahead of signing equal pay legislation into law. 

The legislation expands on a state law prohibiting gender pay discrimination making it illegal to pay someone less based on factors such as their race, religion, or gender identity. Cuomo signed the changes into law, just before joining the U.S. women's soccer team for the parade honoring their World Cup victory.

“If you don’t pay women what you pay men then you have no business in the state of New York, because we are going to sign a bill that says equal pay for equal work.”

The new law also bars employers from demanding prospective workers' salary histories. Cuomo says the women's team's fight for equal pay highlights a fundamental economic problem facing women across the country.