Cuomo Ramping Up Coronavirus Enforcement at NY Airports As New Micro-Clusters Identified

Nov 6, 2020

File Photo: NY Gov Andrew Cuomo

 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is pointing out good coronavirus progress in downstate communities but is concerned about Western New York.  

Cuomo is reducing the size of the Brooklyn red zone micro-cluster by 50 percent and the microcluster in Far Rockaway, Queens is disappearing.  In the Hudson Valley, hot spots in Rockland and Orange counties will see restrictions ease.

“In general, downstate New York is doing better than upstate New York, which is a total reversal from the first phase of COVID.”

Cuomo says Western New York is now becoming a problem with an infection rate of 2.8 percent. The state wide rate is just under two.  He’s going to come up with a plan for that area over the weekend. Governor Cuomo is ramping up enforcement of coronavirus rules at New York’s airports.  Cuomo says he’s concerned with the holdiays coming about travel.  He wants to make sure fliers follow the rules that they must show a recent negative coronavirus test when they land. 

“I am increasing the National Guard.  I spoke to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio about increasing New York City police department at the airports.  I want people to know we are serious.”

Meanwhile, Cuomo is urging private colleges to give students a coronavirus test before they leave for Thanksgiving break and instead of students coming back for a few weeks before New Year’s Day, he’d like to see colleges finish off the semester remotely.  Cuomo is considering a college break coronavirus policy.