Cold Air Mass Over Central US Sends More Snow Our Way

Feb 17, 2021

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Get out the shovel. More snow starting Thursday morning, and it could be with us till Friday afternoon.

Meteorologist Jim Connolly of the National Weather Service said to expect between 4 and 8 inches by the time it’s all over. “It’ll be heavy at times during the late morning into early afternoon,” he said, “we’re expecting about 3 to 6 inches during the day and then we could have some periods of lighter snow Thursday night into Friday with another inch or two possibly mixing with sleet at times.”

The frigid air over the country’s midsection, said Connolly, is responsible for all this.

“We just have an extremely cold air mass set up across the central part of the United States,” he said, “and that’s feeding the cold air, and it’s also helping keep the storm track pointed pretty much at our region.”

He said we could get another helping of snow Monday but after that the cold air may relax a little and we could see some change by the end of next week.

“It’s hard to make that kind of a long range call right now,” he said, “although as we get into next week it does seem like the cold air is relaxing a little bit, it’s not gonna be as intense, so I do expect we’ll see some kind of changes in the pattern by the end of next week.”