Codey Wants To Ban 3-D Guns In New Jersey

Aug 2, 2018

Senator Richard Codey

A New Jersey bill to ban guns made from 3-D printers may become law before the end of the year.

Senator Richard Codey says the guns that can be created on a home printer bypass laws that require a background check.

“We want to not only ban the guns themselves, but even the plans. If you send the information to how to make these guns, that would be illegal. This is a different world we live in, and we got to react to it.”

Lawmakers did not act on Codey's measure in the previous legislative session. He believes it’ll pass easily now because of all the concern about the 3-D guns. 

“What’s changed is that they’re getting very popular, they’re easy to make, and they’re not very expensive. So, for those reasons we want to move now as quickly as possible.”

Codey admits it could be difficult to enforce his proposed ban, but he says it would let people know if they make those guns, they risk being sent to jail.