Christie's Voter Approval Rating May Have Hit Bottom

Jul 10, 2017

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

A Monmouth University Poll finds New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's voter approval ratings remain in the cellar.

Only 15 percent of voters surveyed approve of the job Christie is doing.

Poll director Patrick Murray says photos of Christie on the beach with his family during the recent state government shutdown didn't help his public image.

"66 percent said something negative. Disgusted was the number one word that people used. We had a number of people used profanity with our interviewers in describing their reaction to Chris Christie. It's this sense that Chris Christie just doesn't seem to care about New Jersey and that's what's driving his numbers so low."

Murray says Christie may have found the floor for his ratings with constituents.

“Nationwide over the past 20 years I think I can only find two examples where a governor had single digit approval ratings and both of those examples involved a criminal conviction while in office. So, that’s what it takes to get numbers lower than where Chris Christie has them right now.”

55 percent of New Jersey residents surveyed say they believe the state is worse off because of Christie’s time as governor.  His term ends in January.