The Checkout: Brandee Younger on Signing to Impulse! Records, Home to the Coltrane Legacy

Aug 25, 2020

Maybe it’s destiny that harpist Brandee Younger moves into “The House That Trane Built,” Impulse! Records. In this episode of The Checkout, Younger talks about this welcome news — the honor, excitement, and complications that come with being signed to the legendary label.

Younger admits that, for better or worse, she can’t escape comparisons to harpists Dorothy Ashby and Alice Coltrane, despite having made a name for herself outside of the jazz world — most recently on a R&B single called “Black Love,” with Salaam Remi, Teedra Moses and D-Nice.

“That parallel follows me, because most producers, they ask me to do something Ashby or Coltrane-esque,” Younger says. “But what’s coolest, as time has gone on, and working with so many producers, they become familiar with my own music — where they are finally asking me to do Brandee. So that is finally coming to that point, which is exciting.”

Younger will perform a livestream this Thursday, Alice Coltrane’s birthday, at the Coltrane Home in Dix Hills, on Long Island. You can watch the concert — “Cosmic Music,” featuring the Brandee Younger Trio — at WBGO’s Facebook page on Aug. 27 at 7 p.m. ET.

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