Cameron Graves Puts the Focus on Feeling in His Music, and in Conversation on The Checkout

Nov 17, 2017

He is the self-proclaimed Planetary Prince, a progressive pianist who seeks inspiration from emotion and the galaxy. On this Checkout podcast, he shares his debut as a recording artist.

One special month in 2015 changed the life of Graves and his peers. He was part of West Coast Get Down an upstart collective of boundary-stretching musicians — like saxophonist Kamasi Washington, trombonist Ryan Porter and bassist Miles Mosley — that pooled their cash to rent out a recording studio for the entire month.

Almost 200 mastered songs came from that experience, including Washington’s The Epic, Ronald Bruner Jr's Triumph and Miles Mosley's Uprising. For his part, Graves got the chance to release his debut as a recording artist, Planetary Prince. On this Checkout podcast, we speak with him about that music, from the So What’s Next Festival in the Netherlands.

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