Bramnick Says Murphy's Agenda Could Cause Budget Showdown

May 8, 2018

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick

The top Republican in the New Jersey Assembly is calling Governor Phil Murphy’s agenda extreme and scary and believes there will be a budget showdown.

Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick says Murphy’s budget plan that ramps up spending by 8 percent and calls for $1.6 billion in tax increases is dangerous to the vitality of the state.

“He is totally disconnected not only with us as Republicans, I believe he’s totally disconnected with Democrats as well and surely disconnected with the taxpayers.”

Democratic leaders in the legislature are resisting the proposed tax increases in the budget to fund new programs including a proposed phase-in of free community college. 

Bramnick does not believe Murphy’s agenda has much public support.

“Some of his social issues do. But that’s not going to carry the day in this state because we know from all the polling that the pocketbook issues are always the most important. That’s what some prior administrations on the Democratic side made them one term. He’s following the same playbook to an extreme.”

Bramnick says constituents are telling him that because of the governor’s spending and tax proposals they’re giving up hope of having the state be more affordable and are planning to move elsewhere. 

“I am getting from constituents the type of reaction such as this. Is he crazy? Does he not know where we are in the state?  Does he understand that I’m leaving the state? People are starting to give up based on the extreme policies of this governor.”