Ask NJ Governor Phil Murphy Your Questions

Aug 13, 2019

"Ask Governor Murphy" is a monthly program that airs on WBGO, WNYC and WHYY
Credit WBGO News

What do you think about the Newark water crisis? As chair-elect of the Democratic Governor's Association, what can Governor Murphy do to stop the mass shootings across the country? Do you think the American Dream Mall in East Rutherford going to be a positive move?  These are some of the topics that we'll address tomorrow night (Wednesday August 14) during the next edition of Ask Governor Murphy airs on WBGO at 8pm.

Host Nancy Solomon and Governor Murphy will be in the WBGO studios taking your phone calls and social media questions.

Submit your questions in advance here. You can also tweet us with the hashtag #askgovmurphy. The call-in number for Ask Governor Murphy is 844-677-9283. Ask Governor Murphy is a WBGO News production in collaboration with WNYC and WHYY.