Analysts Say Democrats Could Pick Up Congressional Seats In NJ

Sep 20, 2018

Political analysts expect many of the Congressional races in New Jersey will be tight and that Democrats could gain some seats in the November election.

Seven Democrats and five Republicans now represent New Jersey in Congress.

Monmouth University Polling Institute director Patrick Murray says four GOP seats could flip to Democrats.

“We’re looking at a strong anti-Trump environment.  Trump is not popular across the state. Some of the Republican initiatives such as the tax plan are particularly unpopular in New Jersey.”

Fairleigh Dickinson University political scientist Peter Woolley expects many of the state's Congressional races will very close.

“I think all the candidates with a few exceptions are pretty good. They’re smart. They're experienced. Some of them have more money than others. But the real factor above anything else is whether or not any given voter likes President Trump or dislikes President Trump.”

Ben Dworkin, the director of the Rowan University Institute for Public Policy and Citizenship, says voter turnout will have a big impact.

“If Republicans are a little bit depressed about what’s going on in Washington and don’t come out as forcefully, while Democrats are very enthusiastically coming out to send a message to Washington, that will make the difference in several of these races.”

Dworkin says national Democrats are counting on New Jersey to help pick up 25 seats to get control of the House.