Amazon Announces NYC One of Two New Locations

Nov 13, 2018

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio, and Vice President of Global Real Estate and Facilities for Amazon John Schoettler announce Long Island City, Queens as one of two new locations for Amazon's new headquarters HQ2.
Credit Alexandra Hill / News

Its official New York City is one of two locations for Amazon’ s second headquarters. The tech giant says the move will bring more than 25,000 jobs to Queens. Amazon says it expects to invest $2.5 billion in its new Long Island City headquarters. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the benefits of having Amazon in New York City far out way the more than 1.5 billion dollars the tech giant will receive in tax incentives as part of the deal.

“For every dollar we invest, we’re going to get back about nine dollars, give or take, so to find the money that we need to invest in the subways,  to invest in schools, etc. This is a money maker for us, costs us nothing, nada, goose egg, we make money doing this.”

Mayor Bill De Blasio emphasized the impact the deal will have on job creation or everyday New Yorkers.

“We’re going to have an opportunity here for tens of thousands of New Yorkers, everyday New Yorkers , kids who come up through our public schools, kids who go to our community colleges, and our four year colleges, to have opportunities at amazon.”

Amazon estimates the deal will bring more than $10 billion in tax revenue to New York City over the next 20 years. In addition, the tech giant says it has agreed to donate space on its campus for a tech startup incubator, donate a site for a new public school, and will also create “infrastructure improvements” and green spaces.