Advocates Hope Budget Won't Divert Affordable Housing Trust Fund Money

May 11, 2018


New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy promised during his campaign that he would not raid the Affordable Housing Trust Fund like his predecessor did. But his budget plan DOES divert some of the money.


Staci Berger, the president and CEO of the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey, is disappointed Murphy’s budget would take $59 million from the Trust Fund for housing-related programs.


She says the money in that fund is specifically dedicated to the creation and rehabilitation of affordable homes. “Using the funds for other purposes even important ones is a practice that started under Governor Corzine and really was made an art form by Governor Christie. We have really high hopes that we’ll be able to turn the page on those past practices and use the money as intended.” 


Berger says affordable housing advocates are hoping the final budget plan the governor and the legislature will decide on by the end of June will avoid diverting the Trust Fund money and have it go for its intended use into neighborhoods that need affordable homes.