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How Public Policy and Industry Practices Deepened Housing Disparities for Black and Latinx Communities

Episode 3 of The Great Wealth Divide puts the focus on housing disparities for Black and Latinx communities, including the history of destructive government and real estate industry practices, such as redlining and disinvestment, that negatively affected access to affordable housing and home ownership.

The result has been profound damage or destruction of those communities, such as the South Bronx. This episode present the benefits of financial education to improve home ownership opportunities as well as on-the-ground solutions provided by organizations committed to positive change.

Our guests are:

Nancy Biberman, Founder and President Emerita: Women’s Housing and Economic Redevelopment Corporation (WHEDco)

Blair C. Smith, Former Chief Investment Officer for the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Development Corporation (UMEZ) and CEO of Promethean AB Strategies LLC

Eric Richardson, Founder and CEO of Growth Development Associates

Dale Favors is an inspirational sales coach and strategic business leader. He spent 26-years as a financial professional working in sales and sales management for firms such as Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg, Royal Bank of Canada, Piper Jaffray and Thomson Reuters, where he built relationships with some of the world’s largest hedge funds, asset managers, corporations, and public pension plans.