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Conversations With Sydney Podcast Trailer

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Sydney Fink

CONVERSATIONS WITH SYDNEY is a solutions-oriented podcast series exploring effective ways for parents, teens, schools, and communities to respond to the ongoing crises of teen mental health and suicide. Each episode is framed as an intimate conversation between a father (Micah) and his non-binary teenager (Sydney) as they search for real-world solutions by speaking with parents, doctors, and national leaders in the field of teen suicide prevention. Some of the questions we raise include: Should parents talk to their kids about suicide? How can parents begin to talk about mental health and suicide with their kids?

What do we know about the signs of suicide and how can it be prevented? What is self-injury and how can parents help their kids find healthier ways to cope with their feeling? What role can schools and teachers play in addressing this unfolding national crisis? What role can teens play? Our hope is that these intimate and open-ended conversations will engage everyone who has a stake in helping young people lead healthy, happier lives – and encourage them to discuss these issues within their own families, schools and communities.

Coming to WBGO Studios March 10, 2023.

Micah Fink is an Emmy-nominated producer and director whose work has appeared on PBS, HBO, National Geographic Television, and CNN.<br/>