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Bob Rodriguez @ The Kitano
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I’d never heard pianist Bob Rodriguez, so I stopped by the Kitano on April 11 and found a room packed full of fans of the pianist. Although Bob is an infrequent presence on the NY club scene, he delighted the room with swinging and soulful
originals and classics from the American song book.

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3 Responses to “Bob Rodriguez @ The Kitano”

  1. 1
    Marlene Benninger:

    Bob Rodriguez is an exceptional musician and jazz pianist. His harmonics are beautiful as is his touch and his improvisation is outstanding. As a composer, he is equally accomplished with ballads and up tempo pieces.

    Bob should be heard more in New York. Not to hear him live or on CD is a jazz lover’s loss and particularly for anyone with an ear for good music.

  2. 2
    Anne Marie Michael:

    What a pleasure to spend the remains of the day watching and listening to the Bob Rodriguez Trio Live at the Kitano. Bob Rodriguez has a unique sensitive harmonic jazz piano style. Whether he is playing a standard or an original piece, his skill and intensity shine through. In one of his compositions, “Things I Meant to Say” I could feel the delicate struggle and resolution.
    The musical communications between Steve LaSpina-bass and Bill Tesar-drums were delightful! The Sets were AWSOME!

  3. 3
    David Kahn:

    It’s encouraging to see Bob Rodriguez getting a little well-deserved recognition. ‘Though he may be newly discovered by many, his music reflects a mature and deep connection to the roots of the language as well as its leading edges. Incorporating dialects of Bill Evans to Keith Jarrett, John Taylor and other post-modern wonders, he maintains a voice of his own, to evolve a sound that is fresh, yet learned. Seamless shifting from original compositions of ultra-contemporary design to a renovated Chopin prelude to a completely overhauled Body and Soul is commonplace, and very enjoyable. Bassist, Steve LaSpina, and drummer, Bill Tesar, displayed consummate professionalism in following Rodriguez’s complex arrangements, and sustaining great sensitivity throughout. By the end of the second set, an energy was developing that was truly trance-send-ant!