World Champion Sprinter Tyson Gay Visits St. Philip's Academy in Newark

By Doug Doyle, WBGO News
Newark, NJ . April 29, 2013

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He’s the fastest American on the planet.  Olympic medalist and World Champion sprinter Tyson Gay plans on going to the 2016 Olympic games.  Earlier today, he stopped by the St. Philip’s Academy in Newark to say “thanks” to the students who wrote him letters during the games in London.  

When the students at St. Philips Academy watched a video of Tyson Gay blowing away the competition on the track…they were with him all the way…pretty much the same way they were during the London Games…The students sent Gay letters of encouragement….it really touched his heart…and that’s why he came to the school today…to give back….Gay says he enjoys being a role model and showing everyone that a top athlete can win without performance enhancing drugs.

 "I take it very seriously.  I believe I'm a gifted athlete.  I have the genetics.  I have the God-given ability to do whatever I want to do, and I take it very seriously because you can do it."

 Tyson Gay won a silver medal in the 2012 games and will be competing at Icahn Stadium on Randalls Island on May 25th.  Gay will also be Doug Doyle's guest on SportsJam in mid May.


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