Will Christie Debate Buono?

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. July 23, 2013

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Political analysts expect at least one debate in the governor’s race in New Jersey.

Governor Chris Christie is not obligated to participate in a debate unless he decides to accept matching public campaign funds.

Monmouth University political analyst Patrick Murray believes Christie will end up debating Democratic challenger Barbara Buono.

“It will undermine his credibility as someone who’s not afraid to take on all comers if he doesn’t do a debate.”

Seton Hall public policy professor Matthew Hale says it’s critical for Buono to have a debate.

 “She’s so far behind right now that the debate is really perhaps her best shot at trying to close that gap, and that gap only really I think gets closed if Christie makes a serious bumble in the debate.”

Analysts say it’s important for the candidates to meet-face-to-face and express their views in a public forum.



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