Victim's Rights Group Demands Archbishop Myers' Resignation

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
May 6, 2013

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The priest involved in the latest sex scandal engulfing the Newark Archdiocese has quit the ministry but a victim’s rights group is continuing to demand the immediate resignation of Archbishop John Myers.

The 52 year old priest involved in the scandal admitted to fondling a teenage boy in 2001. He was hit with a lifetime ban on working with children in 2007 as part of a court agreement with the archdiocese. However, he was reinstated two years later, and was allowed to have unsupervised contact with minors, a violation of the ban. Mark Crawford is director of victims rights group SNAP. He says Archbishop Myer needs to resign now.

“He had priests from his own archdiocese accompany Father Fugee on trips, on pilgrimages even outside the diocese and within the diocese dealing with children, so to say that they didn’t know is totally unacceptable.”

Crawford compared the scandal to that of Penn State and Rutgers and says Myers has allowed an environment of abuse to exist and should be held accountable.


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