Study Finds New Jersey's Poorest Have Biggest Tax Burden

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
January 30, 2013

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A New study finds that New Jersey’s poorest residents have the heaviest tax burdens.

The study, conducted by the Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy in Washington, found that families in the states lowest tax bracket shell out a higher percentage of their income in taxes. Wealthier families were found to spend 7 percent of their income on state and local taxes compared to 11 percent paid by the poor. Gordon MacInnes is with New Jersey Policy Perspective, a network affiliate of the institute.

“I think what this really does reveal is that the notion that the poorest among us are not carrying their weight, and are takers if you will is blunted by the facts in this study.”

The study finds that almost every state in the country has a tax system where the poor pay out the biggest percentage of their income in state and local taxes. 


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