Some Sandy Victims In Limbo Waiting for Buyout Details

By Katie Colaneri, WBGO News
Middlesex. March 26, 2013

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Governor Christie held one of his Town Hall meetings in Middlesex where many residents are looking for a buyout after Sandy.

The Christie Administration says they won’t be releasing more specifics about the quarter billion dollar plan to buy out homeowners who don’t want to rebuild after Sandy. But some homeowners are tired of being in limbo.

Elaine Kanupka told the governor at a Town Hall meeting in Middlesex she’s been turned down by local charities that say they don’t know what to do for her while she waits for a buyout. 

“It’s 148 days, and I know it takes time, but you have to put it in high gear," she says.

Christie is planning a targeted approach to the buyouts, prioritizing communities like many in Middlesx County that want to sell. He says residents can expect the application process to begin soon after the plan is approved by Washington.

"We will send folks from the governor's office to Sayreville, to these neighborhoods, and have a mobile governor's office there for you guys just to come in. You want to sell? Fill out your application and then we'll start to process it."

Kanupka’s neighbor, Bonnie Papowski says the bills and taxes are piling up at her wrecked Sayreville home. She gets emotional when she thinks about elevating the home she’s lived in for 40 years.

“You know when we were younger we could do it. You could clean up quicker, but not now.”

Both neighbors are optimistic they’ll be able to move within the neighborhood once they get some answers about the process.


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