Shore Merchants Hoping For Nice Weather

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Belmar. July 5, 2013

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Some Belmar businesses damaged by Sandy are open again (photo by Phil Gregory)

After the wettest June on record, business owners at the Jersey Shore are hoping better weather draws more visitors to the beaches and boardwalks.

Tom Rogers owns TR’s Food Court on Ocean Avenue right across the street from the Belmar boardwalk.  He says it was the roughest June he's ever had.

“I’ve been here 18 years and only one day was I ever closed in June. This year I was closed four days. So it’s been really rough, but now we got a lot of people, and hopefully in the next 30 days we’ll be okay.”

A few doors away at Eastern Lines, a surf board rental and beachwear shop, owner Don Tarrant says business is down because of all the rain.

“We only reopened again in May so we’ve only been here for two months. We’re down about 30 percent from where we would normally be between May and June. I’m hopeful. You know in the past it’s always been if the sun is out and the weather is nice the people are here.”

Like many other shore merchants, he’s happy to be open after the damage caused by Sandy, and hopes nicer weather causes sales to incease.


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