Senator Bucco Critical Of NJ Business Climate

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
April 17, 2013

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A member of Governor Christie’s own party is blasting New Jersey’s business climate.

Senator Tony Bucco, the ranking Republican on the Budget Committee, says New Jersey is overregulated and overtaxed.

 He says all the regulations are costing his manufacturing company tens of thousands of dollars.

 “If I were not a state senator, I’d move my business to Pennsylvania. I get inquires from all over the country even from Nevada who constantly sends me inquiries about relocating there because of their tax structure.”

Bucco’s remarks drew a quick response from Democrat Paul Sarlo who chairs the Budget Committee.

 “So I guess you’re hoping the governor does a better job than he’s done in the last three years in cutting regulations. That’s what I heard.”

The Christie administration has made it a priority to keep and attract businesses by cutting red tape and offering tax incentives.

Bucco says both parties in the legislature have a lot to do to make the business climate better.


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