SAT Scores In New Jersey Are Up

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
September 26, 2013

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SAT Scores among New Jersey students are up. Data released today shows test scores among New Jersey students are above the national average.

The information, released by the College Board, finds that scores for the 2013 class in New Jersey jumped 10 points. Scores increased by 4 points in critical reading, five points in math, and a point in the writing section of the college entrance exam. James Montoya, Vice President of Higher Education for the College Board, says despite the increase in scores the numbers still show room for improvement.

“To see such good numbers in regard to New Jersey statistics compared to National is very promising again when one takes into consideration that 78 percent of New Jersey seniors took the SAT is there room to grow absolutely.”

The gain for the state comes as the national numbers remain stagnant.


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