Safe Surrender Gives Fugitives A Chance At A Clean Slate

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
October 9, 2013

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The fifth annual Fugitive Safe Surrender program will give people with outstanding warrants an opportunity at a clean slate.

The program gives non-violent offenders the chance to resolve their cases. Those looking to turn themselves in will work with judges, prosecutors, and lawyers and will be given credit for taking responsibility. Acting Attorney General John Hoffman says the program has been extremely successful in the past and goes on to say it addresses the larger issue of public safety.

“If we give people an opportunity to come in on their own, clear things off the plate, and not be put in a position where they’re responding out of fear to an immediate situation. It really is a safety issue and one that certainly creates a safer environment for the community, for law enforcement, and for the fugitive themselves.”

Hoffman says they will also be providing social services to assist with issues of substance abuse, employment, and even child care; Hoffman describes it as a one stop shop for a new life.


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