Rutgers Faculty Learns The Essentials Of Online Teaching

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
January 17, 2013

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Its’ the new frontier of higher education; Over 400 Rutgers faculty members participated in a conference today to learn the essentials of online learning.

As online education becomes more and more popular schools are expanding their online course work. David Finegold is Vice President of strategic learning and lifelong growth at Rutgers. He says online courses enhance traditional education for today’s less traditional student body.

“Most of the growth in higher Ed has been coming in the online courses, and I think a part of that is the realities of today’s student bodies, so a very high percentage of our students are working full or part time in order to pay for their studies, so this becomes a way to enable them to make it easier for them.”

Finegold says online education has also expanded the university’s ability to reach international students, and says they will soon offer entire degree programs online.


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