Russian Adoption Ban Forces Familes To Start Over

By Katie Colaneri, WBGO News
December 28, 2012

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Russia’s anti-U.S. adoption law has abruptly put a stop to the plans of more than 50 American couples in the final stages of a long process. For them, moving on won’t be easy.

Non-profit adoption service Spence-Chapin has helped place some 225 Russian children in American homes over the last decade. While there are other countries to choose from, Chief Program Officer David Nish says families waiting to adopt children from Russia will now have to start all over again.

“Each country is a new process because every country has different eligibility requirements, so a family that was eligible for Russia may not be eligible for a different country.”

It can take several years before they’re connected with another child. Meanwhile, Nish says those enmeshed in the process are coping with both financial and emotional losses.

“The first moment you see a photo of a child, you fall in love, so the emotional impact is tremendous.”

He says some families will need time to mourn before they can even think about starting over.


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