Republican Candidates Attempt To Shift Media Spotlight

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
July 18, 2013

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Former Bogota mayor Steve Lonegan made a stop in Newark today to launch his “Expose Cory Booker Tour”, his latest effort to win the republican nomination for US Senate and shift the media spotlight on to the republicans.

As the race for US Senate heats up in New Jersey the democratic candidates have received most of the media attention. Meanwhile the two republican candidates vying for the seat have yet to get nearly as much press. Ben Dworkin of the Robovtch center at Rider says the democrats have the upper hand due to name recognition.

“Most people expect Steve Lonegan to win comfortable but because it’s not nearly as competitive and not as interesting of a story in terms of personalities to cover the republicans at least in this stage in the campaign have not received a lot of attention.”

Lonegan is competing with fellow republican Dr. Alieta Eck who Dworkin says has far less recognition amongst New Jersey Republicans.


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